AI-Empowered Personalised Medicine System to Improve Cancer Treatments

I am a member of the team working on the KATY project at the University of Zaragoza. Our team utilizes our expertise in network and systems biology to predict cellular and network perturbations based on transcriptomic data. We also specialize in integrating network methodologies with AI techniques.

The KATY project is funded by the European Union and aims to develop an AI-empowered personalized medicine system. This system will greatly assist medical professionals and researchers in their daily work by providing easily understandable AI data at their fingertips. This next-generation technology will bridge the gap between AI data and its application in the medical field, serving as a powerful tool in diagnosing, treating, and defeating serious illnesses. As a stress test, the KATY project will initially experiment with data from patients diagnosed with a rare and complex form of kidney cancer.

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