What can we do to improve the science and data surrounding sustainable and healthy nutrition?

I served as the technical lead for the Ferrero ALGO-NUTS project at the ISI Foundation. The project aimed to analyze food production and nutrition using the latest advancements in Data Science, with the goal of comprehensively capturing the complexity of these fields and progressing towards Sustainable Nutrition.

Sustainable Nutrition is a powerful concept that explores the environment, food production, and nutrition through the lens of big data and artificial intelligence. This interconnected concept strives to drive the development of healthy, nutritious, and sustainable food solutions for all. Humanity is currently facing a “triple dilemma,” which involves producing more food, ensuring nutritional adequacy, and avoiding the unwarranted expansion of cultivated lands at the expense of the natural environment. These complex issues cannot be solved in isolation. A new approach is necessary, one that optimizes health and nutritional outcomes while simultaneously restoring key ecosystems and supporting farming livelihoods that humanity depends on. This approach is what we refer to as “Sustainable Nutrition,” a pivotal driver in rectifying our global food system. It is the only viable path for the future, and action must be taken now, collectively.

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